Green Labourer CSCS Card

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Labourer Card is an essential qualification for anyone who wishes to work in the UK construction industry. It is designed to demonstrate that a person has the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and competently on a construction site. The CSCS Labourer Card is becoming increasingly important for those looking to advance their careers in construction, and for those who want to show their dedication to the industry.

Cscs Labourer Card (Green Card)

Who Needs a Green CSCS Labourer Card?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Labourer Card is an essential requirement for any worker who is employed to carry out manual labour tasks on construction sites. This card is designed to ensure that those working in a labouring environment are qualified and competent to do so, and provides employers with the peace of mind that their workers are safe and capable.

If you are involved in any type of physical construction work, then a Green CSCS Labourer Card is essential. This card allows workers to perform entry-level tasks on sites and is valid for 5 years.

What Does a CSCS Labourer Card Do?

A Labourer card ensures that the cardholder has the minimum qualifications required to work on a construction site and is competent with basic health and safety procedures. While it isn't legally required to have one of these cards on all construction sites, many employers will require them in order to allow workers access onto their sites. Have a look at our list of different CSCS Card Types to make sure the Labourer Card is right for your needs:

Construction Site Visitor – For those visiting sites but not carrying out any work
Experienced Worker – For those with experience in their chosen trade or profession
Advanced Craft – For experienced craftspeople who want recognition through an NVQ qualification
Managers & Professionals – For those overseeing projects or managing teams
Plant Operatives – For those operating plant machinery
Supervisors – For those supervising a team onsite
Trainee – For those looking to gain experience in their chosen profession
Specialist – For those working in specialist areas such as asbestos removal or demolition


The Benefits of Holding a Green CSCS Labourer Card

Holding a CSCS Labourer Card can provide a number of benefits to construction professionals, including:

Improved Job Prospects
Employers in the construction industry are increasingly looking for employees who have demonstrated their commitment to health and safety on site. The CSCS Labourer Card is seen as proof that the holder is knowledgeable and capable of working safely and responsibly.

Better Pay and Conditions
In some cases, holding a CSCS Labourer Card can lead to higher pay and improved working conditions. This is because employers recognise the added value that the card brings to their operations.

Health and Safety Benefits
The CSCS Green Labourer Card is designed to promote health and safety on construction sites. By having this card, workers are better equipped with the knowledge they need to work safely and help prevent accidents.

Recognition of Skill and Experience
The CSCS Labourer Card is an acknowledgement of an individual’s skills and experience in the construction industry. It demonstrates to employers and clients that the holder is dedicated to their work, committed to providing a high-quality service, and passionate about their profession.

Access to Training and Development Opportunities
Having a CSCS Labourer Green Card can open up new opportunities for individuals to further their training, development, and career progression within the construction industry. Gaining new skills and knowledge can help them progress in their chosen field even further.

Improved Credibility with Employers & Clients
The CSCS Labourer Card is widely recognised as a reputable qualification throughout the construction industry. Having this card helps individuals build credibility with employers, clients, and colleagues alike - helping them establish themselves as a professional in their field.

Requirements for a Green CSCS Labourer Card

In order to be eligible for a green Green CSCS Labourer card, you must meet the following requirements:

You must be at least 16 years of age or older.

You must have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the past two years and hold one of the following qualifications:

An RQF Level 1/SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment (Lifetime qualification) An SCQF Level 5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate The NOCN/CSkills Awards Construction Health & Safety (F/618/0738) unit

Applying for a CSCS Labourer Card

Are you looking to work on construction sites? Then it's likely that you'll need a CSCS Labourer Card. Here's our step-by-step guide to help you get the card:

  • Check your Eligibility
    The first step is to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the CSCS Labourer Card. You must be 16 years or older, and have the right to work in the UK.
  • Choose Your Level
    There are different levels of CSCS Labourer Cards available, so choose one which is appropriate for your needs. The most common level is designed for those who work on construction sites.
  • Prepare for the Test
    To gain your CSCS Labourer Card, you must pass an assessment test. There are many study resources available including books, online courses and study aids – use these to ensure that you're fully prepared before taking the test.
  • Book a Test
    Once ready, book a test through an approved training provider - remember to bring proof of eligibility and pay any associated fees when booking your test slot.
  • Take the Test
    The CSCS Test is computer-based and covers topics related to health & safety on construction sites; you will need to answer multiple choice questions correctly in order to pass this assessment successfully.
  • Receive Your Card
    Once passed, expect delivery of your valid five-year card within 28 days! Remember that this card will need to be renewed before its expiry date if you wish to continue working on construction sites with ease.

Renewing or Replacing Your CSCS Card

Your CSCS card will eventually expire, but don't worry - you can easily renew or replace it. Here's what you need to know:


The quickest way to renew your card is through the CSCS online application service. You can do this up to 6 months before and after the expiry date on your card. When your renewal is successful, the expiry date of your renewed card will be the same as that of your original card, plus its lifespan (see full Terms & Conditions here). Remember, you must have passed a Health & Safety test within the last two years in order for your renewal to be successful.


If you've lost, stolen or broken your CSCS card, then you can also use the online application service to apply for a replacement. If you don't have an account then please call CSCS on 0344 994 4777 and make sure that you have either your registration number or National Insurance number with you.

Progression Opportunities with a Green CSCS Card

Gaining your green CSCS card is just the start of your journey in the construction industry. With experience and qualifications, there are many paths to take for further progression.

Plant Training Courses

You can continue your education by taking a plant training course such as CPCS or NPORS followed by an NVQ qualification to prove competence as a fully skilled plant operator.

Craftsperson Qualifications

You may prefer to gain new skills and train as a craftsperson in a particular trade such as Civil Engineering, Roofing, Plastering or Roadbuilding. Gaining new skills and qualifications can open up more career opportunities indefinitely once passed.

Blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card & Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card

Cscs Blue Card Skilled Worker

Once you have completed your training and NVQ qualifications you can look to apply for either the Blue CSCS Skilled Worker Card for craft operatives or Blue CPCS Competent Operator card for plant operators. This will allow you to demonstrate that you have achieved the required level of expertise within your chosen field.

Supervisory & Management Opportunities

If you wish to progress onto a supervisory or management role, gaining better job security and higher salary opportunities are available through our Level 1-7 Construction Senior Management qualifications.

Common Questions About the CSCS Labourer Card

What is the CSCS Labourer Card?

The CSCS Labourer Card is a qualification for construction workers in the UK, which demonstrates that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and competently on a construction site.

Who is Eligible for the CSCS Labourer Card?

In order to be eligible for the CSCS Labourer Card, you must:
Be 16 years old or over
Have the right to work in the UK

What are the Benefits of Holding a CSCS Labourer Card?

Holding a CSCS Labourer Card can bring numerous benefits to construction professionals, including:
Improved job prospects
Better pay and conditions
Health and safety benefits
Recognition of skill and experience
Access to training and development opportunities
Improved credibility with employers and clients

How do I Apply for a CSCS Labourer Card?

To apply for your CSCS Labourer Card, you'll need to follow these steps:
Check your eligibility
Choose your level
Prepare for the test
Book a test
Take the test
Receive your card

How do I Renew My CSCS Labourer Card?

Renewing your CSCS Labourer Card is a straightforward process. Here's what you need to do:
Check that your card is due for renewal – you can find the expiry date on the front of your card.
Ensure that all of your qualifications are still valid and up-to-date.
You also need to pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test.
Complete an online application form, providing details of any new qualifications you may have obtained since your last renewal.
Submit the application along with payment for the relevant fee.
You will receive confirmation of successful renewal via email, usually within one working day. is not associated or part of any scheme
or organisation such as the CSCS, CPCS or CITB. The only intention of this website is to
provide information about these schemes and their assessments.
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