CSCS Card Cost

The construction industry in the United Kingdom is moving towards the idea of a CSCS card being mandatory.  In order to work in a construction-related occupation, you will need one of these cards as a condition of employment.

The first question you may have is, ‘when do I need to apply for the CSCS card?’ Another important thought, how much is it going to cost? Also, with any occupational-related card, there is normally an expiration date. Therefore, how much is it going to cost to replace the original card when the time comes? 

This article is being written with the intent to answer these questions. We will go over how much it costs to get the CSCS card, and what you should do when it’s time to replace it. 

How much is a CSCS card?    

There is a flat-rate charge of £36 when applying for the CSCS card, no matter which one it is.  You will also have another charge for the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test, (this is otherwise called the CSCS Test).  This is priced at about £22.50. So the total CSCS Card price is £58.50.

Many online organisations are available to assist you with the application process for a CSCS card.  Ensure you verify any fees connected with this service, including any extra services they offer. You can complete the application yourself via the CSCS in a relatively straightforward method, free of those fees.

Renewal of the CSCS card

If you currently have a CSCS card in your possession, then you are aware that it has an expiry date. This date can be located on the front side of the card.  Depending on what type of card you have this expiration date varies; from 5 to 3 years and in some instances only 1 year.  It is imperative for you to keep track of the date your card expires.

Six months prior and six months after the expiry date passes is the time period renewal of a CSCS card. If a CSCS card application is completed before this date, the new expiry is figured using the original date. The date of application is not used for a renewal; therefore, you don’t get penalised for your organisation. 

Similar to when you first applied, the process for renewal requires you to show evidence of your qualifications.  These are the qualifications you had to verify originally to meet eligibility requirements giving access to the card being renewed. In addition, it is necessary for you to take the pertinent CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test again. This reveals you are currently with all regulations regarding health and safety on the construction site.  If there have been changes to your occupation since your previous application, you are required to inform the CSCS.

You can contact the CSCS Contact Centre at 0344 994 4777 after all pertinent information is collected.  The CSCS Contact Centre can finish processing your renewal application. You will be required to pay £36 renewal fee for your new CSCS card and you will also need to site the Health, Safety and Environment test, this will cost £22.50. So the total cost to renew your CSCS card would be £58.50 in 2023. Ensure you have your credit or bank card available when you make the call so you can make this payment easily.  In most cases, the CSCS can issue you a new card the very next working day.

If you are an employer wishing to renew several cards at once for your employees, this can be done simply. You just need to go online to the CSCS website and complete the online form

Replacing the CSCS card

If it can become very troublesome, should your CSCS card get lost, stolen, or damaged in any way. This is so frustrating, because it is no secret you need your card on a daily basis. If you don’t have it, you are unable to gain entrance to the construction site and your place of business.

The good news, you can get a replacement CSCS card.  Unfortunately, it is necessary for you to pay another fee for the replacement card. You can call the CSCS Contact Centre at 0344 994 4777 and order the replacement card.  The representative will need your CSCS registration. Your replacement card will be identical to the lost, stolen or damaged one. It will even have the same date of expiry as the previous one had.

In Summary

Now you are aware of what it costs to get a CSCS card. Here are all the pertinent facts all wrapped up in a tidy package for you. 

  • The cost of a CSCS Card is £58.50; this is inclusive of the card and the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. This test is necessary in order to qualify for the card.
  • How long your CSCS card is valid is dependent on which card you apply for, which can be 1-5 years. 
  • A card may be renewed 6 months prior to expiring or up to 6 months past the expiry date.  If you wish to renew or replace a CSCS card you can call the CSCS Contact Centre 0344 944 4777. 
  • If you wish to replace a lost CSCS Card or if it has been stolen, or damaged can easily be replaced by calling on the number at the CSCS Contact Centre as well. 

How much is a CSCS test?

As of 2023, the price for a CSCS test (Health, safety and environment test) is £22.50

How much is a CSCS Card

The cost of a CSCS card is £36 in 2023

How much is a CSCS card renewal

The cost to renew a CSCS card is £36. You can read how to renew you card here is not associated or part of any scheme
or organisation such as the CSCS, CPCS or CITB. The only intention of this website is to
provide information about these schemes and their assessments.
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